Umbrella Hat Group
Umbrella Hat Group
  • We Make You Look Good

    Umbrella Hat Group is an end to end presentation creative firm. 
    We work with you to realize your presentation vision. And, we work with technologies on-site to make sure your presentation goes flawless.

  • Flawless Performance

    We love what we do. From that love comes a passion for excellence, for making art when others just see A/V.  And, for creating relationships with others that strive to make beauty and excitement in a live event.  If you have a favorite concert, a favorite movie, or a favorite live show, it's because you were able to get lost in the moment. We strive for those moments. 
  • Geared to surpass our client's expectation.

Extensive Experience in Digital Services

For over 30 years we've been working with technologies to make presentations work beautifully. From concept to design we help craft your look and feel, and make sure it impresses. Our core conference technologies aid in collecting and distributing presentations within your conference. We offer services for design, upload, presentation management, digital signs, conference recording and streaming.